Rivulet is compatible with Clash for Android, SSR.

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Clash for Android

Clash for Android

Step 1

Download Clash for Android

1-1. Go to the Client Area. Get the software from the menu “Download”.

You can also download it on Google Play Store.

Step 2

Copy Clash URL

2-1. On the Client Area home page, click the “Service” card to enter the “My Services” page and click the “Manage” button on this page. On the “Manage Service” page, click the “Copy Clash URL” button, then a success prompt appears, and the subscription URL is saved in your clipboard.

Step 3

Load your servers

3-1. Select “Profiles” > “New Profile” > Select “URL”

3-2. Enter the “Name” as you want > Paste Clash URL you copied to “URL” > Enter “720” to “Auto Update” server information (recommended) > Tap the “Save Icon” in the upper right. Select Rivulet Profile.

Step 4

Switch ON/OFF and Select Server

4-1. “Stopped Tap to start” on the home screen is a toggle to turn ON/OFF.

4-2. When it is turned on, the “Proxy” item appears below (Name may differ depending on the selected mode). Tap the “Proxy” item and select the server.