Rivulet is compatible with ClashX Pro, Surge and ShadowsocksX.

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ClashX Pro

ClashX Pro

Step 1

Download ClashX Pro

1-1. Go to the Client Area. Get the software from the menu “Download”.

Please refer here if you can not open the application.

Step 2

Copy Clash URL

2-1. On the Client Area home page, click the “Service” card to enter the “My Services” page and click the “Manage” button on this page.

2-2. On the “Manage Service” page, click the “Copy Clash URL” button, then a success prompt appears, and the subscription URL is saved in your clipboard.

Step 3

Load your servers

3-1. Open ClashX. A ClashX mark is displayed in the menu bar. Select “Config” > “Remote Config” > “Manage” .

3-2.  “Add” > Paste Clash URL you copied to “URL” > Enter the “Config Name” as you want > “OK” > “Succeed” to load server information

Step 4

Switch Server and Mode

4-1. You can choose 4 modes in “Proxy Mode”. “Rule” is set as default. You could use “Global” if necessary.

  • Global→ Route all traffic through Rivulet server
  • Rule→ Route all traffic through Rivulet server except Mainland IP (bypass Mainland IP)
  • Script→ Route traffic according to the written rules in the script
  • Direct→ Direct all traffic

4-2. you can select the server on “Proxy”. You can turn it on by selecting “Set as System proxy”. “Set as System proxy” is a toggle to turn on/off.