Rivulet is compatible with Clash for Windows, Shadowsocks SSR

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Clash for Windows

Clash for Windows

Step 1

Download Clash for Windows

1-1. Go to the Client Area. Get the software from the menu “Download”.

Step 2

Copy Clash URL

2-1. On the Client Area home page, click the “Service” card to enter the “My Services” page and click the “Manage” button on this page.

2-2. On the “Manage Service” page, click the “Copy Clash URL” button, then a success prompt appears, and the subscription URL is saved in your clipboard.

Step 3

Load your servers

3-1. Unzip the software and open the app. Open Clash for Windows. The control panel is displayed. Select the “Profiles” on the left menu.

3-2. Paste the Clash URL into the URL window. Click the “Download” button to load the server profile. Select the loaded profile.

Step 4

Switch Server and Mode

4-1. You can choose 4 modes in “Proxy Mode”. “Rule” is set as default. You could use “Global” if necessary.

  • Global→ Route all traffic through Rivulet server
  • Rule→ Route all traffic through Rivulet server except Mainland IP (bypass Mainland IP)
  • Direct→ Direct all traffic
  • Script→ Route traffic according to the written rules in the script

4-2. you can select the server on “Proxies”.

Step 4


5-1. Select General from the left menu. You can turn it on by selecting “System Proxy”.


Please contact the developer if you have any problems. Rivulet can not solve the problem with the application.